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Fundamental of Workforce Management for Non HR Executives

Fundamental of Workforce Management for Non- Human Resource Management Executives is a course designed to assist line managers, supervisors and leader to manage issues arise in the daily workforce management . Workforce Management  activities such as recruitment selection, staff development  and retention, performance reviews, employee engagement, discipline and terminations  often makes non- human resource feel unprepared. The negligence of Human Resource laws might expose the company to unnecessary disputes and claims from employees. This evidently causes more harm to the business than anything else, having to deal with claims from disgruntled employees can be time consuming and expensive.


Learning  Outcome:

  • Effectively manage and plan  key Human Resource function in organization
  • Identify and evaluate the training needs align with the organization goals
  • Manage employee complains, grievances and turnover according the latest labour requirements
  • Support employee wellbeing efficiency
  • Develop and define employability skills in organization



The presentation includes technical concepts, discussion, and hands-on exercises.theories and  practical, case studies.


Who Should Attend

This workshop is intended for Line managers, head of departments, team leaders and and anyone who wishes to gain knowledge and skills about the human

resourcsupervisors es functions and how to apply them effectively in his/her department