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HRDF Claimable Training : Full Set Of Accounting

Training Title : Effective Book Keeping And Accounting Skills For Full Set Account

100% 可以申请 HRDF 资助,不需要自费! 只需要 2 天时间,就可以精通全套账目。

已经有基础的学生可以参加我们的【2 天高级会计课程】。

即使是初学者也可以快速学会。 因为时间不够,一直没有进修的机会?

  • 花了 2 到 4 年时间学习会计,但还不会做全套账目?
  • 作为老板或员工想要核对账目,但一脸懵逼? 参加我们的 #会计课程 吧。 教师会采用最简单易懂的方法, 教你从零开始,完成一份完美的全套账目! 即使是初学者,也可以在一秒内掌握。
  • 在我们的【2天全套账目课程】中,你将学到以下内容:
  • 会计和记账入门
  • 基本会计原则
  • 会计等式
  • 应计和匹配原则
  • 双重记账系统
  • 结帐期间调整记录
  • 准备全套账目:
    • 账目和试算平衡表
    • 损益表
    • 资产负债表
    • 现金流量表
  • 银行对账和小额现金管理
  • 收付款控制机制
  • 财务和比率分析



100% HRDF Claimable! No Fees Required!!
Learn Full Set Accounting in just 2 days!
Even if you already have basic knowledge, you can try our [2-day Advanced Accounting Course].
Rabbits can quickly learn and get started too!
Been wanting to learn for a long time but can't find the time?
▪️ Spent 2 to 4 years studying accounting but still can't do Full Set Accounting?
▪️ As a boss or an employee, do you want to check the accounts but can't understand them?
Come join our #Accounting Course!
Our teachers will use the simplest and clearest methods to teach you
From 0 to completing a perfect Full Set of Accounts!
Even rabbits can get it in one second!
In our [2-Day Full Set Accounting Course], you will learn:
  •  Introduction to Accounting & Bookkeeping
  •  Basic Accounting Principles
  •  Accounting Equation
  •  Accrual & Matching Concept
  •  Double Entry System
  •  Adjusting Entries during Closing of Accounts
  •  Preparation of Full Set of Accounts:
    •  Accounts and Trial Balance
    •  Profit & Loss Account
    •  Balance Sheet
    •  Cash Flow Statement
  •  Bank Reconciliation & Petty Cash Management
  •  Mechanism for Receipts & Payment Control
  •  Financial & Ratio Analysis
After learning Full Set, you can fully apply it to your work.
Our course not only teaches theory, but also teaches you how to operate step by step, so you can apply what you learned to your work.
You can settle everything on your own without asking your colleagues, letting your colleagues & boss look at you in awe!
Our teachers have more than a year of practical experience and have taught over 860 students,helping 98% of our students deeply understand and master Full Set Accounting,
gaining more job opportunities and higher salaries!

If you are interested, contact us to learn more and enroll now!
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