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JIN HUO GOLD & JEWELLERY INDUSTRIES:We Success Transform From Traditional To Digital

JIN HUO GOLD & JEWELLERY INDUSTRIES– We are start our business more than 27 years ago.

We start our business with out any system and we are using the traditional cash register machine to operate our daily business . 

But we know we need move forword with the business so that is the reason we get found the business solution with Interglobal Commerce Sdn Bhd , and lastly we are fee lucky because now every thing is under control.

Tell Us About Your Business

JIN HUO GOLD & JEWELLERY INDUSTRIES We sold many different kinds of products at our physical store, such as ring,Necklace,Earring,Bracelet, and Bangle. Normal our customer is Business Leader so all are our regular customer. 

We are operate more than  10 hours a day , so that we have shift counter person and the amount closing are not tally finally. 

Why did you start using system ?

We found our business is in grow but at the same time we need more time and human resources to keep record and keep track the stock . 

And between branch and warehouse we are don't know what item is fast selling need top up volume. 


How was the outcome or result in terms of sales upon starting your SQL system control?

Good , now we can easily get daily sales report , what item is less than min quantity we need to get order. And we can get the debit payment on time as we easy can be generated and sent out our customer statement .

It very well the SQL POS and Accounting system are make my business in our control and easy to manage. 

And the system will auto email when cash is too much and close counter.

So now we can easy manege and monitor our branch.

Was it hard to start an SQL system ?

With Interglobal Commerce , it’s quite easy. Not only was my system ready in 14 days, but they also guided me on getting the system control , billing issue , daily report and how to control on workers access right.

Now i can no worry about i'm no in my office , everything we have a trusted system and support 


We would like to thank JIN HUO GOLD & JEWELLERY INDUSTRIES for trusting Interglobal Commerce Sdn Bhd and SQL system , where we can jointly grow your business together. We hope that JIN HUO GOLD & JEWELLERY INDUSTRIESwill continue to grow their business further, and that digitalization has helped not only to grow their business but have also managed to alleviate unnecessary burdens to their daily