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Managing Emotions To Boost Success At Work & Life

According to the research by Harvard Business School, Emotional Intelligence counts for twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined as a predictor for success. The ability to understand and manage our emotions in productive ways not only relieves our stress but also allows us to empathise with people around us, treating them with respect and integrity. It enables us to communicate effectively, overcome challenges professionally and deal with conflicts tactfully.

This course is designed to help you develop the core competencies of good emotional management to enhance your relationships and productivity at work and life, foster greater teamwork and drive commendable achievement as the end result. Throughout the course, you will be given the opportunity to examine your behaviour and responses to situations in and out of work and learn how to manage these responses and emotions in an effective manner for a healthier & more successful outcome. 


Learning Objective:

  • Understand what is emotional management & mastery
  • Identify ways to develop self-awareness as a precursor to an elevated emotional mastery
  • Manage emotions effectively through mindfulness and self-control processes
  • Employ effective techniques to cultivate self-motivation
  • Improve sensitivity of the social awareness radar through calibration & empathy
  • Master effective communicative practices to foster good relationship management
  • Learn strategies to exert positive influence in the workplace




There will be a combination of fun, interactive & engaging lectures, role-playing, personal assessments, practical real-life case studies, video discussions & sharing.



Target Audience

For anyonewho desires to improve their emotional management skills for self, relationship and workplace productivity enhancement & success